Frequently Asked Questions

At Daniels, we know that buying a new home is a big decision – especially when it’s your first home. Over the years, we’ve successfully built and sold 15 FirstHome™ Communities with the goal of making that decision as comfortable and attainable as possible. It is through our dedicated team and long standing commitment to helping people discover their dream of homeownership that our FirstHome™ program has proven to be successful time and time again.

What is a Daniels FirstHome™ Community?

Our Daniels FirstHome™ Communities are everything you’d want a new home to be. Quality-built, attainable, stylish and conveniently close to amenities that matter most.

Since 2004, thousands of individuals, couples and families who were unable to enter the new home marketplace through traditional methods, have purchased a new Daniels FirstHome™ because of the special programs we offer. We offer a 5% Gradual Deposit Payment Plan to help make the deposit payments more achievable. We offer more flexibility with a variety of move-in dates as quick as 60 days to 1 year from when you purchase. We offer lifestyle incentives that truly matter, and new home buyers can walk through a model of every home design before they purchase so they can see, touch and feel the home that best suits their lifestyle.

Our Daniels FirstHome™ Communities have always been in high demand with communities typically selling out within hours of going on sale to hundreds of prospective buyers lining up weeks in advance of a sales event in hopes to purchase a home.

That’s why we have evolved our Daniels FirstHome Communities program to make purchasing at one of our communities EASIER, SMARTER and MORE FLEXIBLE to your needs.

You can read more on how we’ve evolved on our Daniels First Access Workshop page.

What makes a Daniels FirstHome™ Community more affordable than any other new home community?

At Daniels, making homeownership easy and affordable is an ongoing commitment. Over the years, we’ve offered first-time buyers innovative programs that provide help where it’s needed most – the deposit. We work closely with financial institutions to make qualifying for a mortgage more accessible. We also work hard to keep your carrying costs low through special lifestyle incentives and by offering only the community amenities that our homeowners tell us they consider the most important. Plus, by building the homes before offering them for sale, we are able to take advantage of the previous year’s construction costs and pass those savings along to you. Each of these initiatives allows us to offer something truly unique at our FirstHome™ Communities and helps pave your way towards homeownership.

Does “affordable” mean a sacrifice in quality?

Absolutely not! At Daniels, we’ve been building new homes for 38 years. Our commitment to excellent quality is one of the many reasons we are recognized as one of Canada’s pre-eminent builder/developers. We work under the strict approach that every Daniels home must be built to the highest level of construction quality.

Why should I live in a Daniels FirstHome™ Community?

It all begins from the incredible affordability with our unique special deposit program. Daniels has exemplary, award-winning customer service. A Daniels FirstHome™ is a great long-term investment.

What are the other advantages of buying a pre-built Daniels Home?

With the neighbourhood complete before occupancies, residents can start enjoying landscaped yards as soon as they move in. PLUS, our build-it-first communities are know to retain their curb appeal and resale value, for years to come. In addition, each new home will be backed by the full Tarion Warranty Program for New Home Construction and supported by Daniels’ excellent quality and service. We’ve already created several, successful pre-built communities across the GTA, and they have been tremendously well received.

Is now a good time to purchase my first home?

It’s always a good time to buy at a Daniels FirstHome™ Community. We work hard to remove roadblocks on the path to homeownership by offering well-designed, quality-constructed homes in great locations – at attainable prices that truly enable first-time buyers to own a home.

How soon can I move into my new home at a FirstHome™ Community?

All of the homes are already under construction and will be fully-built before we go on sale. This means you can move into your new home as soon as 60,90, or 120 days!

Will there be model homes available for me to see before I buy?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to walk through a model of every home design to see, touch and feel the Daniels quality and craftsmanship first hand before purchasing. This way, you’ll know exactly which home will best suit your lifestyle needs.

What types of homes will be available at FirstHome™ Communities?

FirstHome™ Communities offer more home choices than ever before. Some communities include condominium suites, as well as condominium townhomes. Not all of our communities are the same so check out our new communities page for more info on the home types available at each site. But with such a variety of homes to choose from we’re sure you will find something that suits your lifestyle.

Are Daniels FirstHome™ Communities – condominium communities? And if so what does that mean for me as a homeowner?

Yes, Daniels FirstHome™ Communities are condominium communities, and as a homeowner this is a tremendous benefit to you. By living in a condominium community you will be asked to pay a maintenance fee. This fee will go towards the upkeep and maintenance of your community, including the exterior of your home. For example the allotted amount will help take care of things like snow removal and grass cutting as well as ensuring that any play equipment and public spaces are well taken care of.

What is an APS?

The APS is the Agreement of Purchase and Sale and is the legally binding document you sign when you purchase a home.

Will the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) legislation affect the purchase price of my new home?

The purchase price of the homes will be 100% HST inclusive.