A surprising camping adventure



In July 2006, Karen-Anne camped out for three days in Erin Mills and had what she refers to as,“…one of the best experiences of my life.” Yes – Erin Mills, where the site of the now-sold-out Daniels FirstHome™ Erin Mills Phase One was transformed into a makeshift campground for potential first-time homebuyers.

At first, Karen-Anne was leery of the Daniels’ buying process, and wrote to President Mitchell Cohen in April to question the methodology behind having to line up to purchase a home. Once the reasons were explained to her, she decided to give it a try. Karen-Anne wrote to Mitchell again in November to say, “I would like to share with you what an incredible experience it has been, and continues to be.”

Thinking she’d get a head start on the crowd, she showed up on the Wednesday before the Saturday sale day and found many already waiting in line. During the three-day campout, she made friends and “felt a sense of community starting to take shape. I met so many wonderful people who, like myself, were pursuing the dream of first-time, affordable homeownership in a well-established community.” She was also impressed that Daniels “went above and beyond its call of duty” to make sure that everyone in line was safe and comfortable.

Karen-Anne officially became the 100th purchaser at Daniels FirstHome™ Erin Mills Phase One. She moved into her new townhome in December and says that “Daniels has been, and will be, with me every step of the way,” and thanks Daniels for “the great people that I have met along the way which led to friendships that are sure to continue.”