Daniels FirstHome™ Long Valley a dream-come-true for new immigrants

sheraz and Meena

Sheraz and Meena

Excited about their recent move to Canada, Sheraz and Meena have a vision of family life that includes owning a home – and thanks to Daniels FirstHome™ Long Valley, their vision is now a reality. They are extremely happy to have purchased a 1,305 sq. ft. two-bedroom condominium townhome with a single-car garage in this new community, which sold out in just one day. “We live in Mississauga, and Meena’s father lives in Erin Mills,” Sheraz says. “We like this area very much, and we really wanted a brand new home. As soon as Long Valley went on sale, we lined up. It was well worth the wait.”

According to Meena, “The line-up was a lot of fun. We met future neighbours and made really good friends. We were #13 in line, and I kept the number as a souvenir of the memories we created there. It’s now our lucky number!”

Sheraz says they also appreciate how Daniels made it all very easy, with great prices and their Gradual Deposit Payment Plan. “I didn’t know how to buy a property in Canada, and they helped us in every possible way.” The couple will move in with their 10-month-old daughter, Xaina, later this fall. “With Daniels building the community before selling, there is no long wait,” Sheraz adds.

“We really like the layout of the home we purchased, which has spacious room sizes,” Meena says. “I am so happy, so satisfied. We wanted a place to live that has more of a home feeling than an apartment – something suitable for a growing family. The open-concept design means that when I am in the kitchen, I can look through to the main living area and see our daughter playing. And I’m already going crazy with ideas for decorating. I’ve always wanted my own home; this is a dream-come-true!”