Emotions run high for FirstHome™ Buyer



There were a lot of tears involved in Marija’s FirstHome™ purchase – and every one of them a testament to the joy she felt throughout the experience.

“I never thought I’d cry so much!” Marija says. “But ever since I got the invitation to start the process, I can’t help myself. The day we picked our units, a couple of us were just clutching each other and sobbing.”

Marija found out about Daniels FirstHome™ through a friend who was investigating the process for himself. Once her curiosity was piqued, she dove into research, checking out YouTube videos, reading testimonials, and reviewing every online mention of a Daniels FirstHome™ she could find.

“I was impressed by everything,” she says. She started driving by to check things out, and her first impressions didn’t change. “I love the area, and I love the whole look of it,” she says.

The process was part of the anticipation for Marija, and she says she’s thrilled to already know a couple of her neighbours, as well as the Daniels staff. “Everybody knew me – I was so excited, I asked a zillion questions everyday,” she says. “The people from Daniels were really helpful.”

Marija has mostly white finishes with dark countertops in her 1,300-square-foot, two-storey townhome. “It was my first pick on preview day. I knew I wanted it, and I wasn’t going to settle for anything else. I’m still so excited,” she says. “I still can’t quite believe it’s mine. I love the open-concept layout and the kitchen island. The terrace is an unbelievable space.” Although a renter in the past, Marija is eagerly looking forward to owning her own home at Hazelton Place. “I’m building towards something now. I drive by it all the time”, she says.

Part of the anticipation has been planning how she’ll decorate the space, which she says she’s been doing since the day she had her mortgage approved. “I have a contemporary look in mind – grey, black, red and white. The concepts are all in my head already!”