I’m glad I took this big step

Dahlia and Jodiann


In August 2010, Dahlia moved into her first home at FirstHome™ Brampton, and she is extremely happy with her decision to buy rather than rent. “I attended the Homeownership seminar, and I was surprised to find out that purchasing would be almost the same as renting. Every week, I drove by the community to see if a line-up had started. One morning, there were three people waiting. I became number four in line, and I’m so glad.”

Dahlia works in the area, and the new community is closer to her workplace than her previous home in Brampton. “I bought the two-bedroom C model,” she says. “I absolutely love my new home; it’s cozy and easy to clean and care for.”

Daniels’ financial programs aimed at first-time buyers helped Dahlia to realize her dream of homeownership. “With the Gradual Deposit Payment Plan, I was able to save more money before moving in. The Daniels team was so helpful along the way. I’m really glad I took this big step.”