Third Time’s the charm for former gateway resident



Software Developer Brent was already sold on owning a Daniels-built home, as he and his wife were residents in one of Daniels’ Gateway Rental Communities.

When it came time to buy, they were keen to be in one of the FirstHome™ Communities they had heard about. Timing didn’t work well for them when two of the other communities went on sale but now that they are settled into their very own FirstHome™, they could not be happier.

“The process was a pleasure,” Brent says. “It was very well organized, and they led us through every step. We knew what we needed to do, and we’re very happy to be here! Very professionally run!”

Brent says location is one of the great things about his new home, with strip malls and shops just around the corner and the Erin Mills Town Centre in clear sight from the lot. More room is another big plus.

“It’s so spacious,” he says of his new two-bedroom townhome. “Cupboard space is ample. We love our terrace, and we’ve got a green space right beside us. It’s on a corner lot, so we have privacy, too.”

Little things about his new home are turning out to make a big impact. “Simple things, like opening the screen door and letting the breeze in really makes us feel at home,” he says.

But most of all, it’s Daniels’ innovative programs that have really impressed him. Brent says he couldn’t have bought a house at all without them. Daniels’ Home Investment Program – HIP™ meant that $200 each month of his Gateway rent went into a fund for his down payment. By building first, Daniels allowed them to move in right away and pay only their deposit payments each month until their five per cent down payment was complete.

“These Daniels FirstHome™ programs are truly awesome! We couldn’t have done it otherwise,” Brent says. “It’s really great that Daniels takes great strides to help people with limited resources, or who may be new to Canada with a limited credit history, the opportunity to buy homes of their own. Free Rogers internet, phone and cable for a year is a great thing too!”

“Every town and city in Canada should have a Daniels FirstHome™ Community, because Daniels truly cares about people”, says Brent.